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10 Top Tips to Increase Organic Traffic



How To Increase Organic TrafficWith Google's almost constant and quite aggressive algorithm updates, organic traffic is fast becoming that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. After all, It's still amongst the highest quality most coveted traffic you could ever receive, and the best part, it's free! But with Google seemingly changing it's mind every five minutes, how do you keep up without chasing rainbows?

Below are my 10 Top Tips for getting your hands on that ever elusive pot of gold, in what's fast becoming an ever changing algorithmic world.


#1 Make your content exceptionalContent is without doubt the most critical piece of the puzzle, and if I'm brutally honest has been for quite some time. Without quality content, all of the tips in the world won’t work. If visitors don’t find your content compelling, useful, and distinctive, they won’t come back.Why is this a problem? The obvious traffic benefits speak for themselves, but it's much more than that. Gone are the days when you can build links care free. Instead what Google wants and what it's forcing you to deliver are those mythical natural links that only Santa Claus the link fairies, or engaging content can deliver, in the form of visitors.

#2 Consistency is importantCreate a schedule and stick to it. Yes, Google likes consistency, but so do people, and it's people that need to know when to expect new content. Don't just stick up a post to have a new post. You need to consistently produce quality content that serves a purpose. Every few weeks is fine, but it has to be worth reading, or simply don't bother at all.

#3 Make it interactiveIf you get blog comments, then respond. When you engage with your readers, you increase the chance that they'll keep reading and possibly share your blog. Use Google Alert so you will know when someone links back to your content or mentions you. You can then answer the posted question or better still join the conversation!

#4 Build your Social NetworkGoogle has made it quite clear in that social is where you need to be seen. Your business needs its own selection of active social networking accounts, more than anything to build up a following. Why is this important? It's important not only to build your brand and reputation in your chosen niche, but that following will fast become a very targeted source of organic traffic for you.

#5 Answer questions – This goes back to my last post, after all, you’ve likely seen posted questions and answers online. Sometimes the responses aren't helpful and other times they're quite insightful. Check out Quora and Yahoo Answers for example to find questions you can answer in a way that adds value to the discussion. Natural link building of this nature really does work, and over time reaps a lot of rewards.

#6 Share everythingUse social bookmarking sites to your advantage. You can try Delicious and StumbleUpon for example to get your posts some additional traffic and attention. It's also quite inexpensive to get this done professionally, starting at less than $10 for 50 bookmarks.

#7 Link bait your contentThis goes back to tip 1. When you create content, write text that is likely to be shared by others and is highly linkable. Try a top ten list, a how to guide, people love to get information in easy to absorb chunks. (After all, you got yours here didn’t you?) Lists appeal to people because it is a synthesis of existing material. It saves the reader time by providing the broad strokes in a highly readable format.

Another good linkable post type? ‘Current events' can get hot quickly and the discussion can be intense and high traffic, so always try and keep your posts topical to what's happening ‘now' in your industry or niche.

#8 Link all external activity – It may sound old school, but in today's SEO world it's also more relevant than ever to Add a link back to your site on your profile, signature line, and bios. You can also add buttons to your active social networking accounts.

Remember as well to upload pictures of yourself to establish that you're a real person, credible and trustworthy. A more complete profile has been proven to attract more followers. Still feel you're lacking in followers? Then just follow people in your industry, since it's almost a guaranteed way to get followers in return.

#9 Update your designYou want a website that seems fresh, sleek, and easy to use. If your current design is old, tacky, or has broken links, people won’t be coming back any time soon. If you can't do it yourself then it's worthwhile investing even just a little cash to get the basic design elements right like logo and header. This shouldn't set you back more than $25 if you shop around.

#10 Have a giveawayNever underestimate the power of a freebie. People love to get hold of free stuff that's of value. You can give away a free eBook on a highly relevant topic and folks will be excited. If you promote products, contact the sellers and ask for coupon, money-off code, or some kind of exclusive offer for your readers. Publicize your freebie on social media and social bookmarking sites.

If you want to get organic traffic to your site, these are just 10 simple tips to help you do that. There are many more things you can do, of course. This isn't an extensive, all-inclusive list. But these are the basics that if you put in the time now, you'll gain the rewards over the mid-long term, after all, organic traffic may be the very best, but it takes time. However patience has it's virtues and if your virtue is tons of A1 quality organic traffic, then it's worth putting in the time and effort now.

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Paul Graham
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